July 11, 2012

Day three of camp began with spirits soaring high, as well as kites.  We ventured to Poricy Park in Middletown, N.J., for an educational and fun lesson in kite making.  Poricy Park Conservancy is a non-profit organization, whose mission is to be “dedicated to the preservation of its natural resources and historic site for use in education and enjoyment by present and future generations.”  We got to witness the beautiful 250 acres of land and gain insight from our instructor, Mrs. T. 


Mrs. T. began her lesson with a quiz! We were all thrown off considering we were under the impression quizzes were only for the school year, not summer!  Did you know kite flying is one of the fastest growing sports in the world? Also, we were taught what to do in case of a thunderstorm and how flying a kite might not be the best thing at that time. 


After our educational lesson, we began making our own kites.  It’s quite simple.  It can be done using construction paper, streamers, straws and string.  We got to personalize our own kites by decorating them the way we wanted.  Next step, flying! We enjoyed running around watching our kites that we made ourselves, fly through the air.  We would race each other around in circles until the heat got to us.  From there, we got to cool off inside, learn about turtles and pet Poricy Park’s 20 year-old turtle, Chaser!


It’s safe to say, this journey was a success and we can’t wait to visit the park again!


Thanks Poricy Park and Mrs. T.!