2014 has quickly come upon us. Today, which is crazy to me, is January 15th! Being stuck indoors against your will with the flu, like I have been, will make you very tired of looking at the same four walls!

While I have been happily tending to my plants, (an aloe vera plant and a purple clover) I have also been dreaming of summer. This has inspired me to share the fruits of my labor with my campers this summer. My plan is to let anyone interested harvest pieces of each plant to take home! I will be giving them lots of extra love and attention until then so there is plenty for everyone! The clover has been through several kitty paws, but I hope to have it back in shape soon. It’s full of good luck and the purple color makes it stand out among common houseplants. The aloe plant is such an awesome addition to any household because it soothes sunburns, bug bites, burns from cooking and can be added to smoothies! For an extensive list of healing remedies, check out http://www.naturalnews.com/021858_aloe_vera_gel.html#.

The green puts me in a good mood during the cold and long winter. A little green in our environment never hurts! Oh, and the best part about this future project is that I found the aloe vera plant at the Middletown Arts Center where Camp Jinka is held!!! I’m excited to bring it full circle and let each camper take a piece of camp home with them!