As Director of Camp Jinka, I have had the pleasure of working with many wonderful volunteers.  After years of working in education, I have realized that younger kids adore attention from older kids.  They are role models, confidants, and friends.  Josh became an important member of our team very quickly.  He has always been a team player, never questioning or hesitating to help and we LOVE that.  Josh has devoted a large chuck of his personal time with us while juggling his heavy academic load.

This week’s blog features Josh Doppelt. Josh has volunteered at Camp Jinka the last two years and is looking forward to joining us again this summer.

When I was in freshman year of high school I wanted to find an organization to volunteer at and to gain community service hours from, but what I discovered was much more.  I found an ad in the newspaper that mentioned Camp Jinka, so I decided to call the camp director (Jessie Chism) and find out what the camp was really all about. After talking to Jessie I decided to volunteer that summer at Camp Jinka, and the rest is history.

I continue to come back to Camp Jinka every year simply from the amazing counselors in charge, and the joy that the campers get through art. I am honored to be part of such a great organization and can’t help but come back every summer to be a part of the camp. Every year I see similar and new faces of campers that were affected in some way by brain tumors. To be able to put a smile on their faces, and allow them to break away from their family problems is a reward that convinces me to come back every time. Camp Jinka is a fantastic organization, and I believe that being a counselor over the summer at the camp is the best use of my time as any. I will continue to volunteer as much as I can before going off to college, and believe that there is no place I would rather volunteer at than Camp Jinka.

Thank you Josh for providing these kids with a positive male role model and friend.  You have helped the campers more that you know!