shaunaToday was another art-fun filled day at Camp Jinka.  To start off the day, some of the campers finished up some of their beautiful artwork. A group of counselors worked on a piñata which will be hit tomorrow during our “Fiesta” Potluck lunch.  These counselors, including myself, got down and dirty while we created a paper mâché creation over a balloon. When it hardens it will become a piñata!  Then we painted it, and tomorrow we will have to put the goodies inside.  Although it was a messy project, it was definitely worth it.  Around ten, campers who were interested headed down to Porsey Park to perform a fossil hunt.  The campers had a great time and discovered some intriguing fossils that they were able to keep as treasure from their excursion! In the afternoon, some campers created figures out of Styrofoam balls, some campers continued to finish started artworks, and some created clothes and played dress up.  They created costumes from a certain movie and pretended to be a certain character. Most importantly, we all had fun and tons of laughs! In the end, we were didn’t get to finish painting, but it looked like it was meant to be.  We wrapped up another successful day at Camp Jinka by cleaning up the messes that were made, and by making sure that everything was washed and was ready to be used for more adventures tomorrow!  It is amazing to see so how many accomplishments can be reached in only a matter of six hours.