It was so good to go to the Art Exhibit because I really missed my friends from Camp Jinka. It was
like being away from your family and feeling homesick. I am lucky to have met so many special people
through Camp Jinka.

Both of my parents and my mom`s good friend came to the Art Exhibit to see my brothers and
my artwork. It felt really rewarding and made me proud to show my artwork at the exhibit. I missed
having my nana there to see everything but she is still in the hospital. I told my dad how we each helped
paint and put together the bridge. He was impressed with how much I learned and it made me feel real
good. My mom kept making me take pictures of everything on display there but they are nice to look
back at them and remember the good times I had.

I think having the art exhibit must make all the kids there feel proud also showing their parents
their art work. My brother, Jeremy, couldn’t wait to show my parents his army shadow boxes. I was
glad that my parents could see them so he would finally stop talking about them. I am sure it also made
the other kids feel good too because it made me feel proud to be recognized at the art exhibit as a
counselor and be clapped for by the audience.

Judy, Jessie, Tim , Peggy, Lisa, my friends and so many other people there made me feel special
and really loved. I also enjoyed helping the little kids with their art. It was just such a good summer
spending time with people who understood what I was going through and I felt better being at camp.
I’m looking forward to next summer and going to Camp JInka again even though it is now only October .
Thank you all for a great summer!!!!!!

Cassandra Bogdon